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PartyU also cater for corporate party events, they are a great way to treat your staff after a successful few months or to celebrate a special time of the year in your work calendar. It can be difficult and time consuming to plan and pull off corporate events due to the large numbers involved. This is where PartyU comes in; we help you to pick the best theme and activities for your event.

It may be that you would like to organise dinners and receptions, award ceremonies, or seasonal and themed events. We have a great professional team at PartyU who can cater for corporate events with only 30 guests, or a guest list as large as 1,000 guests. Our creative team love to cater for a wide range of corporate events.

You may want to put on a corporate for many reasons including; celebrating a work achievement, launching a new product, rewarding your staff for hard work or to show thanks to your clients. Whatever reason you want to throw your corporate event party for, PartyU can help you. We have years of experience and knowledge in planning events and know how to make your party come to life.

From the moment you contact us to plan your corporate party; we work constantly to make it the finest party you have ever been to. At PartyU we cover the catering, room decorations, DJ’s and live entertainment. To start planning your corporate event call us now on 0844 567 0331.

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