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PartyU Confetti Cannons

At PartyU our confetti cannons are a popular choice for people looking for a bit of excitement at their event. From blasting with colour at the end of a music performance to making your party start with a bang, out confetti cannons can set off when you wish. Whether you would like them indoors or outdoors we can help you.

Confetti cannons are a great way to surprise your guests after an announcement or to celebrate the end of an event. If you are looking to add fabulous dramatic touch to your event, PartyU are here for you.

As well as confetti cannons we also offer our clients single use cannons, which are perfect if you would like to let off the cannon from your hands. These are great and easy to use, and shoot thousands of pieces of confetti into the air. Just simply let us know which colours will best suit your event and we provide you with single use cannons. If you are looking for a cheaper way to add life and colour to your event, these are a fantastic choice.

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